Friday, November 15, 2013

Change of Plan

Do you have ever have those times when it seems like a number of things are going wrong at the same time and you have to make a big decision based on information that keeps changing? Well, that is what these past few weeks have been characterised by for us!

Without boring you with all the details, the upshot is that Duncan is returning to PNG in a few days, but Reuben and I are staying in the UK for a bit longer. His visa hasn't arrived and he has to have some more vaccinations. Duncan needs to get on with his training, but will pop home again (is it possible to 'pop' 8,000 miles?! I'm not sure, but it makes it sound less serious...) for Christmas, after which we will all go to PNG in the new year. We have always HATED being apart and it doesn't get easier in spite of previous training! It feels different again now that Reuben is on the scene, but hopefully our reunion will be all the sweeter!

Friday, November 8, 2013


Hello everyone!

Apologies for our recent quiet patch - we have been visiting and visited, which has been lovely. Reuben is loving his adoring public and is doing well. He is over 10lbs now and is full of smiles.

I know we are biased, but he's pretty gorgeous isn't he?