Thursday, February 13, 2014

Aviation Medley

Here are a few photos from flights I've been on over the past couple of weeks...

I went flying on the Kodiak (aeroplane) to expand my knowledge of PNG landmarks. I was surprised (though I probably shouldn't have been) to also see Australia and Indonesia on this flight!

I was initially a bit confused as to what this sign was saying. I think it means The Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea in Kawito (village), Gogodala (language) Bible Training Centre!

Heathrow eat your heart out!
It is flat out west...

... which gives some amazing river shapes.
And like some ancient monument...

...rises this rather large termite mound.
I've also managed some helicopter flying, landing in villages near and far:

Down in the South East

Out West...

...delivering a sawmill as a sling load, to help construct a literacy building.

Closer to home - in the Finisterre Mountains
PNG is such an amazing country with such wonderful landscapes and people.