Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ride to Aviation

Early one Saturday morning I attached a camera to my helmet before I rode out to work (we don't normally work Saturdays, but we had been asked to do a particular job). It shows a little of the centre, going up past the local National High School and then on to Aviation. There aren't many people as they're more sensible than to be up at that time on a Saturday!

If the trip looks relatively smooth - I tried attaching the camera to the bike at first and the result was totally unwatchable! The tarmac is nice, though.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It is hard to believe that we have been back in PNG for almost two weeks. We have spent the time readjusting to life here and getting over the jet lag. If we only had one word to sum up these past days, it would be community. When we arrived at our house, very tired after our long journey, we were greeted by cards, some presents, flowers and food. Over the next few days, people we knew came to say hello and relative strangers turned up bearing food and greetings. One of my favourite moments was when a lady I know very little phoned up and started, "Hello, I am from kitchen angels..." For a moment I heard heavenly music! We feel really blessed to have been met with such kindness in our early days as a new family here. It has been wonderful to have meals brought to us and I am already looking forward to returning the favour by going on the 'kitchen angels' list. These lovely ladies provide meals for people when they are ill, struggling or just arrived with a new baby - it is such a great idea and has really helped me get back into the swing gradually. It has also been great to reconnect with friends and introduce Reuben to them.

Our days of being cooked for have come to an end and now life is truly beginning again. I am learning to be a mum here and Duncan will shortly be the only helicopter pilot. We are not sure how it will go. We are sure that God has things for us to do in this place and has blessed us by putting us in a community that cares.

Reuben was given this bouncer and as you can see, he is really enjoying it!

Duncan and Reuben taking in the view

Thursday, January 9, 2014

PNG again

After 47 hours, 4 airports, 4 planes and 10 time zones we arrived back at Ukarumpa last Friday. It feels good to be back! The journey went well considering it was so long and we are relieved it's over. Reuben has slept through the night for the previous two nights and we are slowly recovering from jetlag and adjusting to living at altitude again. 
Once in PNG we flew in a Kodiak (small 9 seater aeroplane) to Ukarumpa. We made one stop on the way and the runway is pictured above.

Some of the local villagers came out to meet the plane.

Back in our Ukarumpa house again.