Monday, December 2, 2013


It is rainy season in PNG now and after a few months of 'dry season' (when it still rains but not much), everyone at Ukarumpa is delighted to have overflowing water tanks.

This is our water tank, complete with its own waterfall!
When it rains, it rains HARD and it helps us feel at home!

Our tin roof makes it sound pretty loud!
This is a bit of a cheesy comparison, but there are many senses in which we are 'overflowing' too. Duncan is in PNG on his own at the moment so we are missing each other very much, but at the same time we are overflowing with thankfulness for our gorgeous son, for the care of friends and family in the UK and at Ukarumpa, for the fact that Duncan will shortly fly solo in PNG for the first time, for the provision of things we need here and when we go back there, for the prospect of a Christmas in the UK with a son we never dreamed we would have this time last year and for the peace that God has given us in the midst of so many transitions. As I'm typing this I'm suddenly remembering an evening last summer... we were in Waxhaw, North Carolina and the skies suddenly opened. Boy did it rain. The day had been so hot that we rushed outside and danced around until we were soaked. This time feel likes that: overflowing, overwhelming, but exhilirating...

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  1. Hi Duncan,
    I came across your blog the other day, and it's been great to read about what you have been up to in the last year and a bit. Life and missionary work in PNG sounds pretty cool. And congratulations on the birth of Reuben! I hope you and Trudie are coping well with parenthood and with being in different parts of the world for a while. (Although it's maybe going a little too far just to avoid nappy duty.)
    Hope you have a great time back in the UK over Christmas.
    God bless,
    Adam Aitkenhead

    (PS. I spotted that rugby tour jumper in one of your posts. Nice to see it's still around 18+ years later.)