Friday, April 25, 2014


A couple of Sundays ago, we had Reuben 'dedicated' at the Tok Pisin worship service we regularly attend on a Sunday morning. We wanted to stand up at the front and publically thank God for giving us Reuben, as well as promise to bring him up to know Jesus.
Dave, one of the elders of the church, is asking us whether we are happy to dedicate Reuben to God
After we had made our promises, the church was then asked to make a promise too - they stood up and agreed to support us as we try to bring up Reuben wisely. It was brilliant to hear a resounding 'We will' come as their answer. Then Dave marked the forehead of all three of us, praying for us as he went and asking God to help us. When he had done that, he invited people to come up and pray for us too. A surge of friends and colleagues joined us, surrounded us and prayed for Reuben. It was a moment we will never forget and Reuben loved it! He smiled and gurgled through the whole thing.
Friends and colleagues came up the front to pray for Reuben - it was wonderful!

 It was great to be surrounded by our Ukarumpa family.

Reuben really enjoyed it!

Reuben is 8 months old today and loving life. We still cannot quite believe he is here and are just SO GRATEFUL for him! Earlier this month, we celebrated ten years of marriage as well. Thank you God for our ten years and the blessing of this wonderful little boy!

Thank you to our friend, Susan, for all the photographs apart from the last one.

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