Saturday, May 31, 2014

Village Views

These are just a few shots I tooks whilst in the village for the airstrip survey and solar panels.

A shelter on the site of the new runway (which we had occasion to use to escape the rain)
We all acquired new 'friends' on the walk through the bush - leeches!
The house we stayed in
Our sleeping arrangement inside
The house next to ours - quite unique!
I heard shouts and whistle blasts whilst on the roof for the solar panels - a basketball match
Pigs in the garden

The Aid Post and Aid Post worker's house

The panorama

The helicopter parked in the village, next to the church

I shuttled the lawnmower out of the village so it could be fixed and subsequently returned to help maintain the runway. On the return trip I took in the new Aid Post worker and his family, who'd been struggling to get in with the airstrip being closed.

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