Monday, December 10, 2012

Paperwork and People

It would seem that moving abroad involves a great deal of paperwork. We knew that before, but now we KNOW that! We are getting there, but much more slowly than we would like. Things keep distracting us. For example: burst pipes, cars that won't start because the air-conditioning pump has stopped working and agas that won't stay alight for more than a few hours. We could go on, but it's boring.

He is trying to smile...
We have also managed to break away from the laptops and spend some time with people. Going to our church again was wonderful and we have also had the chance to speak to our house group, youth group and church friends about our experiences in America.

Overall, time feels short and it's a bit overwhelming. The goodbyes have started and so has the sadness. We are truly in the land of the inbetween and it's disorientating when that place is home.


  1. You all are in our prayers. Saw Jon Barker's parents-in-law a couple of weeks ago. Jon and Angie had a "Carlisle MATA Reunion". You both were missed and they wanted to know how you are doing. They asked for your blog link so I shared it with them. Blessings, mb

  2. Keep slogging through the paperwork and not too much "dinking" around. Praying for you both.