Friday, December 21, 2012


We are just back from saying hello and goodbye to some friends and family from where Trudie grew up. Everyone was so lovely and the most common question was about the bug life we will encounter in PNG! Tru's response was:"There are no bugs in PNG!" Denial is working well so far...

Being serious for a moment, it really was great to see people we love. We will miss you so much! Everyone should consider holidays in Papua New Guinea. Seriously. We hear it's brilliant...

In other news Duncan is trying to whip Trudie into shape in preparation for Pacific Orientation Camp. We are doing a mix of aerobics, running and even went for a swim this morning. Well done us! Not sure if it will make any difference in such serious heat, so good thing God will be with us.

Now we are back to paperwork, packing and panicking followed by praying. Tru's new description of our feelings is reverent terror. Not long to go now!

The picture is of Tru with her lovely mum and Aunty Joyce : )  

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  1. Love the photo! Did you go swimming inside or outside? :) Have a Merry Christmas! Thank you for the lovely card.