Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hello Australia!

We have made it to Cairns! Hurrah! Snow in the UK and in Tokyo (where we changed planes) meant there were a few delays, but we have ended up where we wanted to be and pretty much on schedule. As Craig Revel Horwood would say: A-MA-ZING!!!

Obviously, as true Brits, we must now discuss the weather: it was rainy and overcast when we landed at 5.50am but the temperature was already 24 Celsius and very humid. It's 1.43pm now and certainly feels very hot. We are trying to resist using the air conditioning to help us get used to the heat more quickly. There is method in our madness....

We are staying in a lovely guesthouse run by missionaries here in Cairns and are looking forward to a few days R&R before the real fun begins next week! Thanks so much for all your good wishes. We mostly feel numb and keep looking at each other saying things like, "We're in Australia!" and then again, "We're in Australia!" Hopefully we will eventually take it in so that our conversation can move on. Until then, we're in Australia (!) and feeling pretty thankful to be here.


  1. Glad to hear you've made it safely this far. I trust you'll have an excellent few days in Australia and then complete the journey to PNG safely.

  2. Likewise! I'm sure it'll take quite a while yet for everything to settle in, but just enjoy every day you have, as it is yet another blessed gift from God! Will continue to keep you both in our prayers, and although we'll miss you guys, we know that we can be happy in the fact that the Lord has plans with your best interest and happiness at heart!

    Much love and prayers xx Lyn