Saturday, February 2, 2013

Actually in PNG at last!

It is very exciting to tell you that we are actually in Papua New Guinea! After all these years of talking about it we are here and it's incredible. After some last minute changes to our plans, we travelled straight to Ukarumpa in the Eastern Highlands Province where we hope to be based for the next four years!

The view from our flat
Ukarumpa is situated in a valley at about 5,000ft. Rain in the afternoons is common at the moment, but the temperature feels lovely after the sticky humidity of Cairns.

Our front door
Inside the flat - a little bare at the moment, but give us time :) 
We have had a wonderful welcome from people here and are gradually finding our feet. There is a store where you can buy an amazing range of things and market happens three times a week on centre. There are lots of super and encouraging cooks here, so Tru is beginning the long process of turning into a domestic goddess with help from some of the lovely ladies...she has made lemon cordial and is going to try yoghurt next. Pray. A lot.

Our biggest challenge at the moment is trying to learning the local language, Tok Pisin. Smiling broadly, shaking hands and saying 'Good Morning!' seems to go a long way, but there is only so long that will last for! We are told that the best thing to do is have a go, so that is what we are doing and so far we have had nothing but encouragement (accompanied by slightly bemused smiles!) Here is some of what we have learned so far:

Mi nupela.....I'm new
Mi no save (sav-ay) gut long Tok Pisin. Mi lainim...I don't understand Tok Pisin very well. I'm learning.
Mi amamas long lukim yu...I'm happy to meet you
Lukim yu...see you later

We start work this week and hope to update the blog more regularly now we are here. So keep practising your Tok Pisin, people! Lukim yu!

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