Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flora and Fauna

We are definitely NOT gardeners, but there are some beautiful trees and flowers here that we really appreciate. Everything seems BIGGER - the other day we walked past a poinsettia bush - yes that's right - and it was HUGE! Sadly the camera was at home, but we did have it on a few other occasions...

The Monkey Puzzle trees here are enormous too!

The Tok Pisin word for flower is plaua.

People at Ukarumpa grow avocadoes, pineapples, cherry guavas, passion fruit and all sorts of exotic things in their gardens. The Fourplex is managed by the branch so we don't have to worry about the gardens surrounding us, but the yard men work extremely hard to keep it all looking beautiful.

And now to some fauna...

Duncan spotted this amazing insect on the side of an aircraft. Its camouflage may have worked better on a tree!
Also spotted at aviation this is a very big moth that amazingly didnt mind the presence of Duncan's pen!

Thankfully we have no pictures of snakes...perhaps I should not have just typed that...