Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flying a Desk

Without a Papua New Guinean pilot's licence, Duncan isn't allowed to handle the controls. So, thusfar, a lot of effort has been put into revising for the pesky Air Law exam.

And with that out of the way, there's just the aviation department's manuals to skip through.

But it has been great just to be around flying. Here's a brief glimpse of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) set up at Aiyura airstrip, Papua New Guinea.

The airstrip is about 2km from the main SIL centre, so a shuttle bus is run to get the staff and passengers out there. It may not be far, but it sure is bumpy!
P2 is the start of all aircraft registrations in PNG, hence P2-BUS!
The runway itself is unpaved, and one-way (which means you have to land going one direction and then turn around and go back out the way you came in) but it is one of the better strips the fixed wing pilots can expect to see!

The runway at Aiyura. Land from, and take-off to, the left.
Taking off this direction is not recommended. Unless you're a helicopter, that is!
Inside, there are the sorts of things you'd expect to find at any air operation: maps, books, computers, and mechanics fixing aircraft the pilots have broken.

The pilots' planning room. Looking good - everyone's out flying!
 Cargo is put into the crates - one for each flight / destination; or the freezer.
Scheduled maintenance on a Kodiak.

Outside, the weather can be a major factor; even just trying to get home. Though since we have been here, there has been plenty of sunshine as well as the rain.

 Typical afternoon thunderstorm.
The main attraction is, of course, the helicopter hanger. Newly built thanks to Wycliffe Associates who raised the money and did the work.

The chief helicopter pilot's aircraft.


My aircraft.
Not really my aircaft, but hopefully by the time I'm ready to go it alone, it will be too. Preferrably before Trudie gives birth.


  1. Your helicopter looks in as good a shape as my AW139 - and we both have as much airtime on them!

  2. If anyone is interested in getting an e-mail update when ever Duncan and Trudie update their blog I've set up a way of doing it. Please go to this page and follow the instructions. And let me know if it doesn't work as Trudie hasn't been able to get it working from PNG but it seems to work well for me at home.