Sunday, July 14, 2013


When my friend Kate told me that she would like to throw me a baby shower I wasn't sure. Anyone who remembers how I felt about hen days will be laughing right now, but that turned out to be a great day and so was this. God has always blessed me with friends who accept my eccentricities (such as not liking silly games...) and get on with loving me anyway. Kate is no exception and I am so grateful! The pictures speak for themselves really, so I will post them and let you decide what sort of afternoon we had...

I do have one word. It is JOY.
(The photographs were taken by lovely friend and fellow-Brit, Laura Warrington - thank you so much, Laura!)

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  1. Love it! A lot! Joining with those wonderful PNG friends in praising God for the gift of life He's given you to carry. Lots of love from the Isles :-)