Friday, July 19, 2013


There is a lot of waiting going on here at the moment! Duncan has been patiently waiting to be allowed to fly jobs (still under supervision) and last week he got his wish. In one day he took off and landed 22 times as they delivered people and ballot boxes to different villages so that a local election could happen.

Organising an election here presents some unique logistical challenges!

Despite the bows and arrows, everyone's very friendly (but don't blow the roof off with the rotorwash!)

The landscapes are amazing, but the bare earth makes for perfect 'brown-out' (dust cloud on landing) conditions
At the end of the day, he walked through door very tired, but very happy too. On the homefront, we are coping with waiting for the arrival of baby Tough by beginning to prepare the nursery. The room is currently a rather yucky pink, so Duncan has begun a project to sand off the old paint and then re-paint the room in pale yellow (we don't know whether the baby is a girl or a boy..).

I promise he is smiling underneath the mask!

As you can see from the pictures below, our garden has been waiting too - it is winter here, but things are budding and flowering anyway.

I will be doing a great deal of waiting in airports and aeroplanes in the coming days and feel so excited when I think about forthcoming reunions with friends, family, cats and places. Then will come the wait to be together again before Duncan joins me in the U.K. Most of all we are waiting to meet our much longed for baby and continue to wait before God as He teaches us to trust him more and more in all of the different 'waits'.


  1. When do you leave, Trudie? I wish you the best, even if I don't get to hug you before you leave. Looking forward to seeing you all back!

  2. Looks like the doors don't close too well.

  3. Looking fwd to seeing you before we depart