Saturday, September 28, 2013

Building Bridges

Back in March we took building materials and tools into a remote location, to assist the building of a new bridge.

Off-loading cement...

...and tools

The landing site, to the right of the thin bridge across the river
One of the items we took in was a generator, which we were then asked to lift back out again when the new bridge was complete. That gave us a chance to see the finished article.

The old bridge

which I didn't much fancy crossing

The new bridge
a much safer way to cross 

 The old and the new

The generator rigged and ready to go

Taking the sling gear off the generator

 From the air

We were then asked to take the local MP and Governor to the official opening ceremony. As well as the government, the charity responsible for building the bridge and the Australian development agency (who funded it) were represented. This was a big occasion as an agreement was signed to build more, similar, bridges. The nearby village put on a great singsing (show) for the event.

The dignitaries were greeted by a procession of chanting warriors

 wearing traditional dress
A ceremony was then held to mark the official opening, and agreement to build more bridges 

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