Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No second chances

Enough of babies - back to the important stuff!

A few weeks back I took a flight in one of the SIL Kodiaks to better get to know an area the helicopter rarely (but occasionally) goes to. Our destination for the trip was Masa. Masa is one of those decently-sloped one-way runways that PNG specialises in. The sort that is on a ridge with a drop-off at one end and hill at the other.

Amongst others, we took in one of my colleagues whose family lives in the area. It took us 40 minutes to get there by aeroplane; it took him 3 days to make the return journey by foot, truck, boat and public transport!

Here's a short video of the landing and take-off...

I also recently went to Nahu in the Kodiak. It's another of those sloped runways which suddenly ends in mid-air!

These are the places that make me happy not to be a fixed-wing pilot! [Though I'd like to say they're all terribly well trained and good at the job.] If they make a mistake at the wrong point - there are no second chances...

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